PR Army

PR Army

About us

We’re a non-profit organization of Ukrainian communication experts

We’re sharing the truth about this war with the global community and building an image of a democratic and independent Ukraine.

The initiative counts 400+ members, including PR leaders of well-known Ukrainian companies. Our goals are: building a strong Ukrainian presence in the global arena, raising awareness about financial and military needs, combating Russian propaganda and advocating the necessity of sanctions, and stopping Russian-affiliated businesses.

We work with journalists, opinion leaders, governments, and experts on a daily basis to achieve a common goal: a free and independent Ukraine with a bright future.

Examples of publications

The news shared by PR Army was featured in more than 2000+ media from 74 countries, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Fox News, and Washington Post among others. The total reach of our publications is 216 million readers worldwide.


What we do

Working with war witnesses and experts

Collecting contacts and setting up interviews in media

The Ukrainian View

Our owned media with opinions and essays on culture, history, personal experiences


Spreading a word on the urgent war-related stories

Women at War

Advocating women rights during the war

War Crimes

Covering the topic from legal and victim sides


Tracking and tackling Russian propaganda with the means of PR and technology

Stop Bloody Trade

An umbrella project for demanding economic sanctions, oil-gas embargo and trade with Russia

Food Crisis

Showcasing the consequences of Russian war on the world

News Digests

Daily digest of the most important news by Ukrainian Volunteer Journalists Initiative

Culture and Minorities

Working on the crucial topic of cultural heritage and rights of minorities during the war

What we provide

Contacts of war witnesses, Ukrainian experts and government on the spot and online

  • Direct contacts with government officials: Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of digital transformation, mayors of different cities, UN representatives. Possible to find any government official or their representatives by request
  • Officials and experts working on war crimes
  • Official and experts regarding culture and cultural heritage, history
  • Volunteers and soldiers on the frontline, volunteers at refugee station
  • Witnesses and families of victims from the hot spots: Mariupol, Kharkiv, Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Kherson, Melitopol + almost any Ukrainian city by request
  • Witnesses from Russian filtration camps
  • Witnesses and victims of war crimes: hostages, deportation, tortures, the murder of civilians.
  • Wives of Mariupol and Azovstal defenders
  • Business experts and activists: grain, food crisis, Oil-Gas embargo, economic sanctions, boycott Russia-affiliated businesses, stop trade with Russia, reforms in Ukraine, investment, Rebuild Ukraine program
  • Eco activists and animal rescue - preventing the eco-catastrophe in Europe caused by the actions of the Russian occupiers

Setting up interviews with Ukrainians around the globe

We organize the process of interviews and TV appearances of war witnesses and experts per request

Opinion pieces co-authored with international experts

  • Ukraine as a future part of EU
  • Food security
  • Ecology and how Russian war affect the environment
  • Oil-gas embargo
  • Financing and reforms: cost of war, Rebuild Ukraine
  • Advocacy of Ukrainian culture and history in the world community

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Our team

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